How to Make Prom Night a Good Memory and Not a Nightmare

by Lauren Griffin

For most high schoolers, prom is a night they've dreamed of for years. On this special night, young men and women don tuxedos and gowns and spend the evening eating delicious food, dancing and enjoy the company of their friends. While prom can be the highlight of many teenager's lives, it can also be a dangerous evening. Luckily, with some careful planning and safety precautions, prom night can be a dream come true rather than a horrible nightmare.

Step 1

Wear stylish yet comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid the horror of a ripped dress by wearing one that isn't too tight and fits perfectly. Dance the night away in comfortable shoes, rather than suffering from your seat with bad blisters or a broken ankle.

Step 2

Keep a watchful eye on your drinks and never leave a drink unattended. Date rape drugs or other chemicals can be added to unwatched drinks, making them unsafe. If you're leaving the table for a little while, ask a trusted to friend to keep an eye on your drink. Or, simply get a new one.

Step 3

Keep your parents informed about your whereabouts as the evening progresses. Letting your parents know your plans and keeping them up to date as to where you are shows how responsible you are and lets them know that you are safe. Also, should something bad happen, your parents will know where you are.

Step 4

Use good judgment when it comes to sex and other risky behaviors. Getting pregnant or acquiring an sexually transmitted disease are potential consequences that will stick with you long after prom is over.

Step 5

Stay away from drugs and alcohol; you want to remember this special night, after all. Plus, no one wants to spend prom night in a jail cell: underage drinking is illegal.

Step 6

Be smart when taking pictures. With the Internet and photo text message, it's easy for a photograph to be passed rapidly across the world. Pictures of indecent or illegal activities can easily be viewed by anyone, from your parents to college deans to law enforcement. Don't take any pictures that you wouldn't want your parents to see.

Step 7

Ride only with trusted friends who are sober. Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Intoxicated drivers are more likely to get in accidents, which could leave you seriously injured or even dead.

Step 8

Be extra alert when on the road. Even if you are driving safely, it is possible that other drivers are not making good decisions. Look out for swerving cars and use extra caution at intersections and stoplights.

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