How to Make a Printable Bridal Shower Invite

by Christina Dillon

Printing your own bridal shower invitations creates a personal message in a professional looking way. However, it may seem time consuming to create our own invitation from scratch. Save time by starting with a ready-made template and adjusting it to suit your taste. Use the color scheme from the wedding or bridal shower and write a personal message to the guests. For an extra personal touch, include a picture of the future bride and groom.

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Avery 3256 paper
Step 1

Visit Microsoft Office's website and choose "All templates" from the menu bar. Type the phrase "Bridal invitation" into the search bar.

Step 2

Choose "Bridal shower invitation." Click "Download," and then click "Download" again.

Step 3

Open the file you just downloaded. Click and highlight the text "Sara & Brian." Write your bride and groom's name. Repeat this step for the second invitation on the same page.

Step 4

Right click the blue background and select "Format auto-shape." Choose a color and adjust fill effects and transparency as desired.

Step 5

Click on the rose picture and press "delete." From the "Insert" menu, select "Picture" to add a photo from your personal files, or choose "Clip Art" to add a picture from Microsoft's clip art gallery.

Step 6

Delete the striped rectangle to the right or simply adjust its image settings. Continue editing the file until you like the result. Add shapes such as stars or speech bubbles by navigating to "Shapes" within the "Insert" menu.

Step 7

Click and highlight the text on the second page to customize the details. The date, time and location should reflect the details of your party. Be sure to change both invitations on this page.

Step 8

Insert one sheet of Avery 3256 paper into your printer. Select "Print" from the "File" menu and look for options such as "print on both sides of the paper," "duplex printing" or "two-sided printing." Select any of these options if available. Otherwise, your printer may not support automatic duplex printing. In this case, look for "Manual duplex printing" or "Odd pages."

Step 9

Press "Print." If your printer supports automatic duplex printing, wait until both sides are printed. Otherwise, flip the paper horizontally to its other side after the first side has printed.

Step 10

Review your invitation for spelling errors or factual errors. Make any necessary changes before printing multiple copies.

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