How To Make Pop-Up Roses

by Mercedes Valladares
Recreate a rose bouquet by making mini pop-up paper roses.

Recreate a rose bouquet by making mini pop-up paper roses.

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Card-making enthusiasts can include a special surprise for the greeting card recipient by including a pop-up paper rose. Create a large rose as the focal point of the opened card along the fold line or make mini-flowers to create a pop-up bouquet. The key factor in creating pop-ups is creasing the fold lines. As the card closes, the creased lines fold the paper scheme in place, allowing the detail to spread and pop up when the card opens again.

Items you will need

  • Card stock
  • 9B graphite pencil
  • 9F graphite pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper scissors
  • Self-healing rotary cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Tracing wheel
  • Glue
  • Craft sponge tool
  • Brush applicator

Preparing the Pop-Up Pattern

Step 1

Draw a four-sided round petal flower on the desired card stock with a 9B graphite pencil, which draws soft lines for shading and contours. The flower resembles a flat four-leaf clover. Choose a textured red paper or delicate pink patterned surface.

Step 2

Draw a four-sided pointed petal flower on the desired card stock with a 9F graphite pencil, which draws defined lines. Use green paper for this step. This shape forms the leaves for the rose.

Step 3

Draw a dog-bone shape on the same colored paper used for the rose. Although this shape seems odd, it creates the center rosebud. Use a ruler to define the center of the dog-bone shape.

Step 4

Cut out the round petal, pointed petal and dog-bone pattern shapes with sharp paper scissors to avoid jagged edges. You can also place the patterns on a self-healing rotary cutting mat and use a rotary cutter with a perforated blade to create textured edges around the petals.

Step 5

Score the round petal flower by placing the ruler diagonally along the indented area of the petal and passing a smooth-edged tracing wheel. Do not press the wheel while scoring to avoid tearing through the paper. Place the ruler diagonally in the opposite direction and score. This creates an "X" in the center of the flower pattern.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 by scoring the pointed petal flower and making the "X" pattern lines.

Step 7

Match the shaped ends of the dog bones together and fold. Crease along the fold. The shaped ends resemble four round petals with a vertical extension, or stem.

Step 8

Fold along the scored line of the round petal flower and crease. Fold the remaining scored line. The folded petal resembles one petal. Reopen the petal flower.

Step 9

Fold along the scored line of the pointed flower and crease. Fold the remaining scored line, resembling one leaf. Reopen the petal leaf flower.

Step 10

Measure the width of the dog bone's stem extension.

Step 11

Draw a line in the center of the scored round petal flower as well as the pointed petal flower using the stem's width dimension, forming a cutting line. Carefully insert the point of the scissor blade and cut the slit open. This opening connects the pieces of the pop-up flower.

Assembling the Pop-Up Rose

Step 1

Place the round petal rose on top of the pointed petal rose. Align the scored lines. Slip the folded stem through the slits to create the center rose bud, which also connects the folded rose.

Step 2

Fold the assembled rose along one of the scored diagonal lines and crease. Fold along the remaining scored line, creasing as well. The folded pop-up rose remains closed with the extended stem protruding from the slit.

Step 3

Snip the stem extension, leaving a 3/8-inch end. Open the stem to resemble an open flap and fold back.

Step 4

Brush a light coating of glue with a craft sponge tool or brush applicator along each open flap.

Step 5

Place one flap on the inside of the card's front cover and the remaining flap on the back side. The rose naturally begins to open while you are attaching the flaps to the front and back cover. If the glue seeps out of the flap, remove the excess with the craft sponge. Let dry for your adhesive brand's recommended time before closing the card. The rose collapses and closes along the creased fold lines when you close the card. Open the card and the rose pops up.


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