How to Make a Plant Creature

by Kent Page McGroarty

"Feed me, Seymour!" is the famous line from the stage show and film "Little Shop of Horrors," which features a monster plant that feeds on human blood and appendages. If you are looking to create your own plant creature as part of a school project, Halloween decoration or theatrical or video production, refrain from using glue, as attaching hot glue to real plants will cause injury if not death to the plant. Transplant your plant creature to an outdoor garden once you no longer require it as a prop or for a project.

Items you will need

  • Large pot
  • Two wooden stakes
  • Wire
  • Sunglasses
  • Fake nose
  • Fake lips
  • Small hat
  • Tulle
Step 1

Use a vining plant that features broader leaves, such as ivy. Transplant the ivy, if necessary, to a larger pot as you will be using wooden stakes to construct the creature. Once the ivy is transplanted, place one wooden stake on each side of the pot.

Step 2

Wind a vine from each side of the plant around each stake to make "arms." Use wire to secure the vines to the stakes. If desired, allow some of each vine to hang down from the top of each stake in order to make "hands." You should still have a bushy center after creating the arms, this is your plant "face."

Step 3

Place sunglasses over the plant "face." Position a fake nose and fake lips, which you can purchase at any costume supply store, within the face so they stay put but do not require gluing.

Step 4

Add additional embellishments as desired, such as a small hat or lengths of tulle or other fabric wrapped around the plant "arms."

Tips & Warnings

  • Use ketchup or red food coloring as "blood" for your plant creature.