How to Make a Picture of a Dragon

by Colby Stream
A simple dragon like this can serve as your model.

A simple dragon like this can serve as your model.

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You don't need the skill of a professional artist to construct a dragon picture. Whether you want to draw, paint or use a software program, creating a dragon picture that makes you proud takes only time, patience and the right materials. If you don't consider yourself a "visual" person, use a guide to base your drawing on. With this guide, draw a picture that replicates it exactly or use it as a base from which you add new details and take others away.

Items you will need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils
  • Model
Step 1

Find a dragon figurine, photo or image to act as your model. The model can be a fictional image such as a dragon drawing from a novel or a real image such as a picture of a Komodo dragon.

Step 2

Sketch the dragon's body. Include the head, legs and neck but not the wings. Fill in the dragon's body with scales, claws and a face. Adjust the dimensions of the body to fit the details. For example, make the paws larger if the claws don't fit.

Step 3

Draw in the wings to fit proportionally with the body. Judge whether they are too small or too large by comparing them to your model. Add in veins, claws or any other features your model dragon has or that you want on your dragon.

Step 4

Add a background and environment, which could be a house, cave or forest. This decision is up to you and completely dependent upon how you want your picture to look.

Step 5

Color in your dragon and the environment. Dragons normally appear red or gray in color, but you can let your imagination dictate the color scheme.

Tips & Warnings

  • Construct your dragon on Microsoft Paint or another piece of software if your sketching and drawing skills lack.

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