How to Make a Pez Dispenser Costume

by Stephanie Fagnani
Candy-themed Halloween costumes can spark nostalgic childhood memories.

Candy-themed Halloween costumes can spark nostalgic childhood memories.

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Nostalgia candy never really goes out of style, and most generations have fond memories surrounding the Pez brand of hard candies that are delivered through one of many different kinds of dispensers. Whether Snoopy or Darth Vader was your favorite collectible dispenser, you can recreate some of your favorite childhood memories by designing your own unique replica of the candy's dispenser for your next Halloween costume.

Items you will need

  • Large, rectangular cardboard box
  • Colored fabric
  • Black permanent marker
  • Halloween mask with open mouth
  • Safety pins
  • Craft fabric glue
  • Black pants
  • Black top
  • Makeup
Step 1

Cut out one side of a large, rectangular box completely and place it over your head to determine the amount of space you will need to cut out of the other side so your head can fit through. Determine the size holes you will need to cut out of each side of the box for your arms to fit through. You will wear this box as the body of the Pez dispenser costumer.

Step 2

Cover the cardboard box with colored fabric and secure it in the back using craft glue or safety pins. The color you choose does not matter. Wearing a black shirt and pants under the box will help the outside of the dispenser stand out more.

Step 3

Use a black permanent marker to write the word "Pez" down both sides of the fabric-covered cardboard box. Create the exact brand design by making big block letters and drawing stripes through the inside portion of the block letters.

Step 4

Buy a Halloween mask that features an open mouth or use makeup to decorate your face to emulate one of the popular Pez dispenser characters, such as a circus clown, skeleton or bunny rabbit.

Tips & Warnings

  • Carry around a bag full of actual Pez candies to accentuate your costume.
  • "Family Education" recommends asking people to lift your chin when they see you so that you can then hand them an actual Pez candy.

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