How to Make a Pearl Flower

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Create iridescent floral embellishments from tiny pearl beads.

Create iridescent floral embellishments from tiny pearl beads.

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Create beautiful, decorative accessories from some pearl beads and jewelry wire. Use the wire to shape the beads into a iridescent flower and use the flower to adorn a headband, hair clip, dress or shirt straps or even home-decor accessories. The flowers are simple to make and are an inexpensive alternative to store-bought fashion and home-decor embellishments. Use the pearl flowers as an activity for a group of older children at a birthday party and have each child adorn her own headband with the flower.

Items you will need

  • 24-gauge jewelry wire
  • Medium-sized colored pearl bead
  • Miniature white or off-white pearl beads
Step 1

Unwind a long section of the 24-gauge jewelry wire. You will not use all of the wire, but do not cut it until you are finished building the pearl flower.

Step 2

Measure 6 inches from the end of the wire. Leave this section of wire bare. You will slide all of the beads for the flower past this section of wire. The wire becomes the floral stem at the end of the project.

Step 3

Slide a medium-sized colored pearl bead onto the wire.

Step 4

Slide 75 miniature white or off-white pearl beads onto the wire and slide all of the beads past the 6 inches of wire at the end.

Step 5

Count out the first 15 beads next to the medium-sized pearl. Shape that section of wire into a loop to make a petal. Twist the wire at the end of the petal to keep the shape.

Step 6

Count out the next 15 beads on the wire. Shape that section into another loop for the second petal and twist the wire to hold the petal in shape. Repeat this three more times to shape all of the pearls into petal shapes around the central medium-size bead. The bead will pop out slightly in the center, on top of the petals to make a decorative floral center.

Step 7

Measure 6 inches from the end of the flower and cut the wire. Twist the wires together to make the stem or cut off the wire if you do not want it attached to the pearl flower.


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