How to Make a Paintball Bomb

by Jeremiah Blanchard
Prepare to get colored up when playing a game of paintball.

Prepare to get colored up when playing a game of paintball.

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Paintball is a high-intensity combat sport played with guns that fire small plastic balls filled with paint. The games are generally played among several teams on designated paintball fields, or on private land. Numerous accessories are also available for paintball games to make the game more combat-like including grenades or bombs. Though you can purchase these bombs from paintball outfitters, you can also make your own bombs right at home. Making paintball bombs can be accomplished with little difficulty.

Items you will need

  • Biodegradable soap
  • Bucket
  • Food coloring
  • Squirt bottle
  • Balloons or surgical tubing
Step 1

Mix equal parts of biodegradable liquid soap and water in a bucket. Add your preferred color of food coloring to the solution. Mix thoroughly until the color is consistent. Allow time for the bubbles to settle.

Step 2

Pour the mixture into a plastic squirt bottle such as an old ketchup bottle. Store the remaining solution in a sealed container for later use.

Step 3

Fill a balloon or surgical tubing with the solution using the squirt bottle. Tie the end of the balloon or tubing in a knot. Repeat as necessary to create as many bombs as you wish.

Step 4

Set the bomb on a catapult device or throw it by hand. Try to aim for the opponents' feet or at the ground near where the opponents are standing. When the bomb hits the opponents or the ground, it will explode with a splash.

Tips & Warnings

  • During a game, bring extra balloons or tubing and the squirt bottle, or other filling device, to make bombs as needed while out in field.
  • Do not use household paint to fill paintball bombs. The materials used cannot be toxic to a person or the environment.
  • Do not attempt to use explosives to detonate a paintball bomb. This can be deadly.

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