How to Make Your Own Race Car Party Decorations

by Sarah Freeman
Use real race cars as inspiration for party decorations.

Use real race cars as inspiration for party decorations.

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Whether it's a youngster's birthday or a group of friends watching a race on TV, race cars can create a festive party atmosphere. When hosting a race car party, you'll need to decorate the venue to make everyone feel like they're trackside. Instead of buying decorations, add a one-of-a-kind flair by making your own. Create race car decorations to accent both the outdoor and indoor spaces for race car fans.

Items you will need

  • Construction paper
  • Glue or tape
  • Stick
  • String or yarn
  • Paint
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper cup
  • Cardboard tube
Step 1

Design race car flags to hang around the party location or food tables. Select colored construction paper or rectangles of fabric, including a black and white checkered flag, as well as green starting, blue passing and red warning flags. Wrap one end of the material around a stick and glue it to itself on the other side. String the flags into a banner by attaching them to a long piece of yarn or rope. Include a greeting banner in the middle of this display that says "Welcome to the race," and hang it near the entrance of the party.

Step 2

Create a pathway to the party by making a race track. Place a large roll of black or gray paper on the ground leading from the parking lot or driveway to the party. Hold the paper in place with tape or by placing rocks along its perimeter. Draw a dotted line with yellow or white paint down the middle of the track, as well as a line on either side.

Step 3

Make race cars to adorn the venue. Seal a rectangular cardboard box shut. Spray paint the box a bright color such as red or blue. Paint a white racing strip from the front to back of the vehicle, as well as a racing number on the front and side. Glue a smaller cardboard box on top of the car in the middle. Paint this box to look like the top portion of the race car with a netted window and steering wheel inside. Finish off the decoration by attaching four colorful circles around the largest box as wheels.

Step 4

Decorate the rest of the space with homemade race car signs and words. Use poster board and colored markers to make road warning signs such as "Keep Right" or "Caution Ahead." Write words and noises having to do with race cars, including "Vroooom!" and "Start Your Engines." Tape these decorations to the wall, or dangle them from the ceiling with string.

Step 5

Create a series of trophies that can serve as decoration for the party as well as favors. Each trophy requires a paper cup, cardboard toilet paper tube and another thin cardboard material such as a cereal box. Paint all of the materials gold. Glue the tube to the bottom of the cup. From the cardboard piece, cut out a circle for the base of the trophy and a handle for either side. Glue them in place. Write "No. 1" on the center of the cup, and place the trophy on one of the party tables.

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