How to Make Your Own Mojo Bag

by Sarah McLeod

Mojo bags are used to either create a connection between the carrier and a desired object or person, or create a barrier between the carrier and a perceived threat. The contents of these bags are believed to carry spiritual energy, so most of them are natural herbs and gemstones. Bags created for general purposes such as attracting wealth or nullifying the effects of jealousy are mostly harmless in terms of affecting other people. Some bags, however, may be just as dangerous as voodoo dolls in that their intent is to sway the desires or thoughts of another human being and change fate.

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Step 1

Pick out a color-appropriate sachet or pouch for your mojo bag. For instance, a bag to attract love will ideally be red.

Step 2

Use green to attract money or get a job. Use black to detract negative energy and create a field of protection. Make a brown mojo bag for stability and house buying luck.

Step 3

Add herbs, stones and various charms to increase the energy of the bag. Some charms serve a multipurpose function in any charm bag. A magnet will draw the bag's purpose to you or into your life. A chain link is meant to tie or bind the situation to you.

Step 4

Put rose leaves, a pink or red wax-shaped heart, a chain link, rose quartz, passion flower, rose oil and perhaps the name of the lover you want to attract into a red pouch. Do not worry about a name if you don't have a specific person in mind.

Step 5

Add a die or pair of dice, jade or aventurine stone, orchid leaves, devil's shoestring, comfrey, rue, cinnamon oil, an alligator tooth and coins to a green bag to draw money and increase gambling luck.

Step 6

Increase the power of a brown mojo bag to help you get your dream home. Add a key you rubbed on the door of a place you like. Add a stone or gravel from the grounds and a picture of the place. A magnet may be also be used to strengthen the force of attraction.

Step 7

Fortify the protecting ability of a black mojo bag with hematite stone, onyx, tiger's eye, a miniature skull, a toy sword or dagger, a broken ring or chain and angelica. This mixture is believed to provide protection from the evil intentions of others.

Step 8

Pray over your mojo bag according to your tradition to enliven the spirit within its contents.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get creative with what you put in the mojo bag, depending upon your intention for it and your spiritual background and tradition.
  • Drawstring jewelry bags make perfect mojo bags.
  • If you cannot readily find a sachet or bag in the corresponding color you need, sew a bag using the corresponding colored cloth.
  • Sewing a mojo bag adds more of your energy into the charm.

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