How to Make My Own Field Goal Kicking Tees

by Brandon Salo
Kicking tees made from PVC pipe will last for many practices.

Kicking tees made from PVC pipe will last for many practices.

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Every football coach needs a few kicking tees for football practice. When a player practices with the tee, it allows them to repeatedly focus on their technique without occupying another player's time. A kicking tee for field goal practice is a piece of equipment that holds the football in a vertical position on the ground. It allows the player to kick the football off the ground with any resistance. Build your own field goal kicking tee using PVC pipe and glue.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure
  • PVC glue
  • 2 PVC pipes, 3/4-by-18 inches
  • PVC corner joint, three-way, 3/4-inch
  • PVC pipe, 3/4-by-10 inches
  • 3 PVC end-caps, 3/4-inch
Step 1

Glue the two pieces of 18-inch pipe into two of the holes on the three-way corner joint. When the two pipes lay flat, they are at a right angle to each other and the open hole on the joint is facing up. These two pipes are the legs to your field goal kicking tee.

Step 2

Glue the 10-inch pipe into the last hole. This pipe will hold your football in the upright position.

Step 3

Glue the end caps on the open ends of each pipe.

Step 4

Set the kicking upright so it is standing on the 18-inch pipes. The 10-inch pipe is above, and parallel to the ground. Place your football underneath the tee so the football is vertical. Rest the 10-inch pipe on the top end of the football to keep it in this position. The football is ready for kicking.

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