How to Make an Origami Trash Can

by Jeffery Keilholtz
Bond with children over a session of origami.

Bond with children over a session of origami.

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Making an origami garbage can is a creative way to turn basic paper folding skills into a work of art. Origami, which originated in Asia during the early first century, is the art of bending and folding a standard sheet of paper into three-dimensional life-like shapes. Although the art was originally performed by monks and aristocrats because paper was a rare commodity, now it's fun for anyone with access to a piece of notebook or copy paper.

Items you will need

  • 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch sheet of paper
Step 1

Position your sheet of paper onto a flat surface. Adjust the paper so one of its 8 1/2-inch edges is facing you.

Step 2

Fold the top half of the paper down over the bottom half. Crease the fold.

Step 3

Fold the right side of the paper over the left side. Open this fold. Bend the top two corners down toward center. The top of the paper now resembles a triangle.

Step 4

Fold the top flap at the bottom of the paper all the way up. Turn the paper over. Fold the left and right sides in toward the center. The paper now resembles a bottom square with a triangle at the top.

Step 5

Fold the bottom third of the square upward. Fold the top third of the square downward. Fold the top third back up.

Step 6

Pinch the bottom left corner of the paper. Fold upward at a 45-degree angle and unfold.

Step 7

Open the bottom edge pocket. Flatten the tip of the paper. Flip the object upside down. Your garbage can -- or bin -- is now complete.

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