How to Make an Origami Katana Sword

by Kayla Lowe

Origami is one of the oldest arts in the world and requires only paper with which to create a variety of shapes. With a simple sheet of paper, you can crease everything from numerous types of flowers to animals and objects. The type of shape that you choose to make affects the difficulty of your origami, though. The katana sword, for example, is more difficult to create than some other origami shapes.

Items you will need

  • 1-by-3-inch sheet of paper
Step 1

Lay the sheet of paper vertically on a flat work surface. Divide the paper into eight equal sections lengthwise.

Step 2

Locate the middle of the paper vertically by folding it in half. Create a small pinch though, not a crease. Unfold the pinched paper. Fold the top of the paper one-fourth of the way down, which is halfway to the pinch you made. Crease the fold.

Step 3

Turn the paper over. Fold the two left sections to the right and the three right sections to the left. Slip the sections beneath the top fold you created in step 2. You now have a vertical tube-like shape.

Step 4

Fold the left side of the tube to the center and crease. Then roll that section over the right and crease to create a single section tube.

Step 5

Fold the top section in half. Unfold it and unfold the tube back to the point where you slipped the folded sections under the top. Fold the left and right sections of the top section in together to meet at the center.

Step 6

Fold the right section of the top section in to the middle of the section to cause it to open. Pinch it to create a light crease. Push both the left and right sides in toward the center. It will resemble an accordion. Ease them gently down into the top of the paper. Some rocking motions might be needed to collapse the two sides down completely. Once done, you have made your katana sword.

Tips & Warnings

  • Decorate your katana sword with markers or crayons.
  • Make your creases as flat as possible or the last step will be more difficult to accomplish.