How to Make an Only Rubber Band Jump Rope

by Faith Chandler

Rubber band jump ropes are used in playing an Asian rope jumping game. This game is known in the United States as "Chinese jump rope," but it is also called "zero point." To make a decent sized rope, you'll need about a pound of 1/4-inch rubber bands. You can experiment with different sizes and widths of rubber bands to alter the tension and strength of the rope. The rope requires no glue or ties and holds itself together.

Items you will need

  • Rubber bands, 1/4-inch wide
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Step 1

Start with four rubber bands. Divide so you are holding two rubber bands together in each forefinger and thumb.

Step 2

Stretch open one pair of rubber bands. Compress the other pair of rubber bands in your thumb and forefinger.

Step 3

Slide one end of the compressed bands through the opening of the other pair of bands.

Step 4

Pull both ends of the compressed bands together and pinch between your forefinger and thumb. They should create a small loop with the other pair of bands trapped within.

Step 5

Pick up another pair of rubber bands. Don't let go of the rubber band loop you are already pinching shut, otherwise, it will fall apart.

Step 6

Compress the new pair of rubber bands and slide one end of them through the loops of the pinched pair of rubber bands. These loops are currently trapped between your forefinger and thumb.

Step 7

Fold the ends of the new compressed pair of rubber bands together and pinch those ends together. You can also let go of the other rubber bands in the chain.

Step 8

Repeat steps 5 through 7 until the rubber band rope is long enough for Chinese Jump Rope. Six feet long is a good length for the rope. Longer ropes make room for games involving two or more people.

Step 9

Tie off the end of the rope. Pick up a pair of rubber bands and slide them through the loops of the previous pair of bands. Fold the ends of the new pair of bands together. Instead of pinching the bands, slide one end of the bands through the loop made by the other end of the bands. Pull on this end to close and tighten the loop, thus tying off the rubber band rope.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can make a rope with just one rubber band at a time, but it is more prone to breaking.

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