How to Make New Dance Routines

by Colby Stream
Ballet is one style of dance you could choreograph.

Ballet is one style of dance you could choreograph.

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Music and dancing go together, but not without hard work. Choreographing a dance routine, much like composing a music piece, initially sounds like an impossible task. If you don't know dancing fundamentals, you don't know where or how to begin. Anyone with dancing experience, though, can take the dance steps they've already learned and create a routine to a new piece of music.

Step 1

Identify the type of dance routine you want to choreograph. A few examples are jazz, tap and ballet. Choose a piece of music you are familiar with that fits the routine.

Step 2

Choreograph in pieces instead of linearly. Pick a move you are familiar with and tie it to a piece of the song. Work forward from that piece, but only until you struggle to choreograph the next step. Return to this section later when you feel more creative.

Step 3

Tailor the steps and routine to the skill set and number of your dancers. The dancers must be able to execute the steps with only a little instruction, and the routine needs to accommodate the number of dancers on the floor. For example, you wouldn't choreograph a solo routine for a group of five people.

Step 4

Freestyle and keep the step you like. When you freestyle to the music, you're more likely to discover steps that work well with that particular piece of music.

Tips & Warnings

  • Write the routine down as you go. Otherwise, you could forget some steps.

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