How to Make a Movie-Like Poster

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Movie posters grab the attention of the movie-going audience.

Movie posters grab the attention of the movie-going audience.

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Well-made movie posters grab the attention of movie-goers, enticing them to spend their afternoons hanging out with the stars of the silver screen. Many movie fans collect movie posters, and these items make great gifts for someone you know who loves the movies. If you know a movie fan who is celebrating an upcoming event like a birthday and you want to take the movie poster theme to its next level, consider having a movie-like poster created for your friend. With the right digital camera and a little brainstorming, your friend can be a star.

Items you will need

  • Sketchpad
  • Drawing pencils
  • Digital camera and accessories
  • Computer design and layout program
  • CDs
Step 1

Make a rough sketch of your ideas. In this stage, you'll have a chance to brainstorm a little. Think about the type of images you'd like to feature on your movie poster. Draw your friend in different poses (stick figures are fine) to hash out your ideas. Include visual elements, such as a smoking gun like in James Bond films; choose items based on the movie you're mimicking in your poster and do more research about that particular style.

Step 2

Write the wording for the mock poster. Most movie posters include the names of the stars written across the top and a tagline. On the bottom there's the name of the film, the studio and other people associated with the project. Think about your friend's occasion as you come up with this written material.

Step 3

Choose the image from your brainstorm that you'll turn into your poster.

Step 4

Take photos of your friend in the poses you sketched out during your brainstorm session. Take extra photos just in case. If the poster is a surprise, you may have to get clever about why you're taking pictures, particularly if props are involved.

Step 5

Load the pictures onto your computer using the accessories that came with your digital camera.

Step 6

Open up a design program. Several suitable programs exist on the market that allow you to lay out posters, including Adobe Photoshop, Quark, Publisher or InDesign. Choose the program with which you're most familiar.

Step 7

Create a new document in your layout program.

Step 8

Insert the photo that you've chosen of your friend. Typically, there is some sort of "Insert" command that allows you to bring the picture into the design program.

Step 9

Apply the written information to the poster. Choose a font that supports the visual theme of your movie-like poster. For example, if it's a horror film you're recreating, choose letters that look like they're dripping blood like the font for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (see resources).

Step 10

Make a PDF of the poster to send to the printer. To do this, go to "File" in the upper-left hand corner of the screen and then to "Print." Choose your printer's PDF maker and click "Print." A pop-up menu appears, asking where you'd like to save the PDF. Save it on your computer to burn onto a disc for the printer.

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