How to Make a Movie From Windows Movie Maker With QuickTime

by Alexis Lawrence

Windows Movie Maker is the movie-editing software included on Windows computers. Since QuickTime files, which carry the file extension "MOV," are movie files created by Apple, Windows Movie Maker doesn't accept them. To make a movie from Windows Movie Maker with QuickTime files, you must do some converting.

Step 1

Use a free online media conversion system, like Zamzar (, Movavi ( or Media Converter ( to convert QuickTime movie files into a file format that Windows Movie Maker accepts. Click the "Add File" or "Upload a File" button in the converter. Click an accepted file format, such as AVI, MPEG or WMV, from the list output formats. Enter an email address if required and click "Convert." Click the provided link to download the converted QuickTime file.

Step 2

Click the Windows orb, "All Programs" and then Windows Movie Maker. Click the "Home" tab at the top of the Movie Maker window and click "Add videos and photos." Go to the folder where you downloaded the converted QuickTime files and double-click each one to add it to Movie Maker.

Step 3

Click the "View" menu at the top of the Movie Maker Window and click "Timeline View" display the Movie Maker timeline. Drag the converted QuickTime clips onto the Movie Maker timeline in the order that you want the clips to play.

Step 4

Click the "Play" button beneath the video monitor in the Movie Maker Window to preview the movie. Move clips on the timeline by dragging and dropping them into a new location with the mouse.

Step 5

Click the tab with the downward-pointing arrow to the left of the "Home" tab and click "Save Movie." Click the best option for your movie settings from the list of settings that come up, such as "Burn a DVD" or "For Computer," depending on how you intend to use the finished product.

Step 6

Return to the online media conversion system to convert the completed movie file if you would like it to be in QuickTime. Upload the file from your hard drive. Click "MOV" or "Apple QuickTime" as the output format. Convert the video file and download the QuickTime file to your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • When working in online media conversion system, if you don't enter an email address, the link to download the file appears on the main page of the converter once the conversion is complete. If you do enter an email address, the link to download the file is emailed to you once the conversion is complete.