How to Make a Model Hang Glider

by Robin Reichert
Make your own model hang glider to enjoy.

Make your own model hang glider to enjoy.

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A hang glider is an aircraft that is powered only by the uplift of air. A hang glider resembles an ordinary kite and works on the same principle as the way a kite flies. Model hang gliders are fun to build and will fly for a long time, depending on the uplift of the air. You need only a few pieces of paper, some tape and a piece of wire to build a model hang glider that will fly.

Items you will need

  • Printer paper
  • Phone book pages
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Writing pen
  • Wire trash bag twist tie
Step 1

Cut out a triangle shape from a piece of regular printer paper. Cut a triangle-shaped notch out in the middle of back edge of the glider and snip off about 1/4 inch of paper from the left and right side corners.

Step 2

Measure 1/2 inch inside the triangle around all sides of the triangle. Mark the measurement by placing a dot every 1 inch. Draw a triangle inside the triangle that you cut from the paper by connecting the dots. Draw a straight line from the top of the inside triangle to the top of the outside line of the triangle.

Step 3

Place the pattern you've just created on top of a piece of phone book paper. Tape each corner of the pattern to the phone book paper. Cut along the pattern but do not cut out the notch. Cut the phone book paper corners to a sharp point.

Step 4

Place the two piece of paper that are still held together with tape on a pliable surface, such as a soft book or magazine. Use a ruler aligned with the lines of the inside triangle and draw along the lines to create creases in the paper. Draw on the line that connects the top of the inside triangle to the outside corner of the pattern.

Step 5

Hold the glider with the pattern side facing up and fold along the left and right side lines by pinching along the lines to make a mountain fold, or a fold that peaks upward. Fold down along the line that connects the inside triangle with the outside corner of the pattern.

Step 6

Fold the back edge where the notch was cut out over so that the phone book paper is on top. Fold the pointed corners on the left and on the right over so that the phone book paper is on top. Strip the paper or plastic off the wire trash bag tie.

Step 7

Place a 1/2-inch piece of tape on one end of the wire tie. Tape the wire tie to the phone book paper side of the nose portion of the glider on the fold. Turn the glider over and pinch the fold on top of the nose portion of the glider to secure the tape and the wire.

Step 8

Flatten the glider between the pages of a book for a few seconds to adjust the folds so that the lift will be just enough to fly the glider. Trim the wire tie in 1/4-inch increments until the glider is balanced with the proper weight on the front.

Tips & Warnings

  • Substitute newspaper for phone book paper.


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