How to Make a Medieval String Design

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String art made in the likeness of a Medieval design adds a flare of the era in any home. Medieval designs include such things as crosses, floral motifs, crests/shields, knights, Celtic knots, dragons and lions. Each design is constructed with flowing curved lines. The clean, sharp edges of geometric designs were not used during this time period. Make a simple Medieval design such as a single cross to learn the string art process. Enlarge the design to a minimum of an 8-inch square prior to starting the string art project.

Items you will need

  • 12-inch square 1/2-inch plywood
  • Acrylic/latex paint or stain
  • Paintbrush
  • 2 copies Medieval cross design, 8-inches square
  • Tape
  • 1-inch finish nails
  • Hammer
  • String
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Step 1

Place the 12-inch square of 1/2-inch plywood on a flat work surface. Paint or stain the surface to the desired color. Allow the surface to dry 60 minutes.

Step 2

Center the copy of the Medieval cross or other design, on the plywood. Place a 2-inch strip of tape on the top and bottom edge to hold in place.

Step 3

Position a 1-inch finish nail in the top left-hand corner on the outside edge of the cross. Hammer the nail into the plywood approximately 3/8-inch.

Step 4

Position a nail 1/2-inch to the right of the previous nail. Hammer the nail into the plywood the same distance as the previous nail. Repeat the process around the outer edge of the cross design.

Step 5

Remove the paper pattern from the surface of the plywood. Discard the pattern. Follow the second copy of the pattern to attach the string.

Step 6

Tie the string to the upper left-hand corner nail in the center of the cross. Wrap the string around the bottom left-hand corner nail in the center of the cross. Pull the string tight.

Step 7

Wrap the string alternating from the top to bottom nails above the beginning two wraps. Work to the outside of the design until the top left-hand corner nail is reached.

Step 8

Wrap the string around the next nail to the right of the left-hand corner nail. Repeat the process until you reach the upper right-hand corner nail. Tie the string off. Rotate the cross 1/4-turn and repeat the wrapping process until the cross is completed.

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