How to Make a Mardi Gras Floral Centerpiece

by Tiffany Raiford

In New Orleans, residents and visitors celebrate Mardi Gras with a parade, street festivals, drinks and food every year in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday; some throw their own Mardi Gras parties complete with themed decorations such as floral centerpieces. Floral arrangements with a Mardi Gras theme add a touch of class and elegance to any Mardi Gras party. You can create your own centerpiece by selecting specific colors, flowers and accessories to give the basic floral arrangement a Mardi Gras makeover.

Items you will need

  • Vase
  • Flowers
  • Onion grass
  • Feathers
  • Mardi Gras mask
Step 1

Pick a vase for your Mardi Gras floral arrangement. Man different types of vases are suitable for your arrangement. Depending on the look you are aiming for, you can choose a tall cylinder, a short vase, a round vase, a square vase or any combination of those.

Step 2

Place flowers in your vase. To keep with the Mardi Gras theme, you want to choose colorful flowers in the purple and yellow/gold family; the more shades of each color the better your arrangement will look. Some common purple flowers include tulips, sweet peas, purple larkspur, hyacinth, hydrangea and iris. Yellow flowers include sunflowers, roses, orchids, calla lilies, carnations, tulips, daffodils and hibiscus. A variety of different purple and yellow flowers make your arrangement more exciting and interesting.

Step 3

Arrange your flowers by mixing them up, cutting the stems of some to make them shorter than others and by making the arrangement as lush as possible. Place shorter flowers toward the outside of the vase. The arrangement does not have to appear symmetrical and formal; Mardi Gras is a celebratory occasion where people are known to let loose and have fun. Keep the arrangement casual.

Step 4

Insert onion grass throughout the bouquet. Onion grass is found at any craft store. Choose gold, green and purple onion grass to keep in the theme of your Mardi Grass arrangement.

Step 5

Stick two or three large purple, black or gold decorator feathers into your arrangement. Feathers are commonly used when decorating for Mardi Gras. If you want to add just one more touch of Mardi Gras to your arrangement, you can place a Mardi Gras mask into the bouquet, perched on top of the flowers.

Tips & Warnings

  • For added ambiance, place submersible lights in a clear vase with your floral arrangement. Submersible lights are found at craft stores.

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