How to Make Long Cut Shots in Billiards

by Michael Davidson
It takes practice and skill to excel at billiards.

It takes practice and skill to excel at billiards.

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Billiards involves geometric precision along with careful control of the amount of force applied to the cue ball. Too much force and your ball could overshoot the target, while too little could result in the cue ball not hitting the target at all. The cut shot is when you use the cue ball to hit a target ball at the correct angle to direct it into a pocket. Making long cut shots requires careful consideration.

Step 1

Focus your aim on the area of the target ball that is directly opposite the pocket you want the ball to go into. This is the spot you need the cue ball to connect with for the shot to be successful.

Step 2

Draw an imaginary line between that "sweet spot" on the target ball and the cue ball. The cue ball needs to travel along that line to hit the target ball in the right spot to direct it to the pocket.

Step 3

Line up your cue stick with the appropriate spot on the cue ball to get it to travel to the target so it hits the appropriate spot.

Step 4

Judge the distance between the cue ball and the target ball to determine the amount of force you'll need to hit the target ball appropriately. Practice regularly to get better at properly gauging force.

Step 5

Strike the cue ball with your stick so that it hits the target in the appropriate spot and knocks it into the pocket.

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