How to Make a LEGO Star Wars Machine Gun

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Make a Lego machine gun to go with your Lego Star Wars play sets. The play sets generally come with all the pieces you will need, including the Droid guns, which are included for use with the Lego Droid characters. This Lego Star Wars machine gun works well with all Lego Star Wars characters, whether Droid or otherwise, and compliments characters on either side of the Galactic War. You can also combine Lego play sets with the Star Wars sets to increase options for your arsenal.

Items you will need

  • Lego Star Wars play sets
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Step 1

Separate the pieces of the play set. You will need the Droid gun, a flat round disk piece with an X-mark in the middle, the long light gray piece that fits into that X-mark and a darker gray conduit piece that fits over the end of the Droid gun.

Step 2

Insert the long light gray piece into one end of the Droid gun. The light gray piece will only fit into one end of the Droid gun: the muzzle end.

Step 3

Place the small round disk over the end of the long light gray piece to form the new machine gun muzzle. The long light gray piece is now the barrel of the Lego Star Wars machine gun.

Step 4

Put the small conduit piece over the other end of the Droid gun. The Droid gun end will fit into the conduit piece, forming the rear or butt of the machine gun. This will be closest to the handle extension for your Lego characters to grasp and serve as a sort of guard for the Lego character's forearm.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change the pieces you use to make different types of machine guns. Use the clear or colorful Lego pieces to create custom weapons for your Lego Star Wars play sets.


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