How to Make a Kangaroo Out of Cardboard

by Sarah Freeman
Use real kangaroos as inspiration when creating your cardboard craft.

Use real kangaroos as inspiration when creating your cardboard craft. Images

If you're studying kangaroos or want to pay tribute to the hopping marsupial, create a miniature model of a kangaroo at home. It's easy to make a one-of-a-kind kangaroo out of cardboard that stands up all by itself. Instead of buying new cardboard sheets from the store, search your recycle bin for pre-used piece of the sturdy paper that you can transform into the animal. When it's finished, display your kangaroo or play with the cardboard creation.

Items you will need

  • 2 toilet paper tubes
  • Empty cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Brown paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
Step 1

Place an empty cardboard toilet paper roll on a flat surface, with the flat end of the tube on the table, so that it's standing up. This will be the body of the cardboard kangaroo.

Step 2

Cut out an empty cereal box and turn it over, so that the blank side is facing you. Sketch a strong hind leg of a kangaroo. This shape should be shaped like an "L," with a flat foot and a thick thigh on top. Cut out along the marked line. Place the cutout on another part of the cereal box and trace its shape. Cut out along that line, too. You'll now have two kangaroo legs.

Step 3

Sketch two kangaroo arms on the cereal box. Unlike the animal's legs, the kangaroo's arms are short and somewhat skinny. These arms can be drawn as thin rectangles with two paws on the end. Also, draw the marsupial's two pointed triangular ears. Cut out the shapes.

Step 4

Draw the kangaroo's tail on another section of the cereal box. The powerful tail of the kangaroo is shaped like a long, skinny triangle. Because you'll later be folding this shape in half, sketch the tail twice as wide as you want it to be. Cut out the shape. Fold the triangular tail in half, so that the two bottom corners meet and the top point is bent down the center. Slightly unfold the tail so that it's open in the center.

Step 5

Cut another empty toilet paper roll vertically from top to bottom. It should now be shaped like a rectangle. Cut horizontally across the cardboard, creating a strip of the cardboard that's a quarter-inch of the length of the tube. Roll the cutout of the tube back onto itself, rolling it into a tighter tube than the original tube. Tape it closed. This is the head of the kangaroo.

Step 6

Paint all of the cardboard pieces brown, or whatever color you want your kangaroo to be. Ensure you layer on enough paint so that you can't see any of the cereal box's logos underneath.

Step 7

Assemble the kangaroo using a hot glue gun. Place the rolled head shape on top of the toilet paper tube body, with the head roll resting flat across the body's top tube opening. Glue the ears to the top rim of the back of the head. Glue the arms in place on either side of the midsection of the body. Adhere the legs on either side of the body toilet paper tube, so that the tube is elevated in the air. Glue the tail to the back of the tube. Allow the glue to dry. Place the figure standing up on the tail and legs.

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