How to Make a Gymnastics Room

by Michael Monet
Assess how much open space each move requires to perform.

Assess how much open space each move requires to perform.

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Depending on the type of gymnastics you're attempting to master, your room will require standard safety items to support each piece of your performance equipment. Clear space, protective mats, securing materials for your mats and gymnastics equipment are all necessary parts of a good gymnastics room. Start by clearing an open space and putting down the appropriate protective mats, then fill the space with any gymnastics equipment that will fit safely.

Step 1

Find a space with a completely flat floor, high ceilings and open space with no obstacles. A garage, a basement or an attic are your best options within your own house.

Step 2

Sweep, mop and otherwise clear the floor completely. There should be no bumps, grooves or dramatic obstructions in the floor, as this can negatively effect landing and increase the risk of injury. Cover the floor in firm carpet, such as a frieze-style carpet that is tightly twisted and does not sink in.

Step 3

Lay down a gymnastics panel mat that is 2-inches thick over the carpet. The panel mat covers any area where a trick or landing will be performed. Panel mats unfold and sink down onto the ground firmly.

Step 4

Set up one piece of gymnastics equipment at a time. Perform the trick you're attempting to learn on that equipment and assess how much space is needed.

Step 5

Add additional equipment when you can see there's room to have more than one piece of equipment while landing safely. Each piece of equipment stands on a folding mat, and each landing occurs on a landing mat.

Tips & Warnings

  • Attempt to find used gymnastics equipment at sporting goods stores. Inspect the equipment before using it.
  • Even with the proper safety mats, it's always a possibility to injure yourself while performing gymnastics moves. Get professional training lessons before attempting new tricks.

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