How to Make a Greek Head Wreath

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Wear a laurel wreath like the ancient Greek god, Apollo.

Wear a laurel wreath like the ancient Greek god, Apollo. Images

Ancient Grecians often wore wreaths as a representation of rank, occupation and other status. The laurel leaf wreath arose from ancient Greek mythology. Apollo's pursuit of Daphne brought about her transformation into a laurel tree and it was fabled that Apollo adorned himself with a laurel wreath for the rest of his days. Create a laurel head wreath in ancient Greek tradition from real laurel leaves or make a silk leaf version for a wreath that will not wilt.

Items you will need

  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Laurel leaves
  • Green floral tape
Step 1

Wrap the thin floral wire around your head to determine the length of the wire. Cut the wire an extra 1/2 inch long at each end of the wire.

Step 2

Twist the wire ends together and lay the twisted section flat.

Step 3

Gather a bunch of two or three laurel leaves and wrap a piece of tape around the stems. Hold the wrapped stems against the wire and wrap more tape around the stems and the wire.

Step 4

Make another bunch of laurel leaves and wrap the tape around the stems. Hold the new bunch of leaves over the stems of the first on the wire and wrap tape around the new bunch of stems.

Step 5

Repeat the step 4 to attach leaves all the way around the wire.


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