How to Make a Gift Box to Hold Baby Shower Gift Envelopes

by Sarah Mollman
Create a decorative box to house baby shower cards.

Create a decorative box to house baby shower cards.

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Not all baby shower guests will arrive to the party with a gift-wrapped box filled with an essential baby item. Some guests may give the gift of cash for the parents-to-be to use toward gifts that the couple does not receive at the baby shower. Additionally, guests could give a gift card to a store where the couple has registered for baby gifts. In either case, the useful gift can be placed in a card. As a baby shower host, it is helpful to make a gift box for card envelopes to be placed in.

Items you will need

  • Cardboard box
  • Craft knife
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon
Step 1

Cut a long, thin slit, using a craft knife, into the top of a cardboard box. The slit must be large enough to fit a card of any size. Pick a store-bought box or even a shoe box that has both a base and a lid.

Step 2

Cut out decorative wrapping paper, using regular scissors, to the appropriate size to cover the base of your cardboard box.

Step 3

Wrap the base of the cardboard box with the wrapping paper in the same way that you would wrap any gift, but use a glue stick to attach the wrapping paper to the box. You do not have to wrap the inside of the box.

Step 4

Cut out the appropriate amount of wrapping paper for the size of lid you selected for your cardboard box, using regular scissors.

Step 5

Wrap the lid with the wrapping paper as you would wrap a gift, but attach the paper to the box with a glue stick. You should also cover the slit that you originally cut into the lid with wrapping paper.

Step 6

Remove the wrapping paper that is covering the original slit you cut into the lid by sliding the craft knife along the edges of the slit.

Step 7

Place the cardboard box lid onto the base to make the box whole again.

Step 8

Wrap one or more decorative ribbons in colors that complement the wrapping paper over the space where the lid meets the base. Tie the ribbons in a bow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Select a wrapping paper pattern or color that suits the gender of the baby if it is known. A wrapping paper with yellow polka dots or ducks can work if the gender is unknown.
  • Do not glue the ribbon to the box; the mother-to-be should be able to easily remove the lid to take the cards out of the box.

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