How to Make a Garden Stone Craft Project With Mortar

by Lauren Griffin
Lead the way with some beautiful garden stones.

Lead the way with some beautiful garden stones.

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Steppingstones add a beautiful yet subtle decoration, and can transform an ordinary flower bed into a charming garden. Rather than spending lots of money at a home improvement store or garden shop, gardeners looking to give their yard a personal touch can easily make their own garden stones with mortar. With a little time and some creativity, steppingstones can be created to enhance any style, from colorful, beaded stones for a playful space to sophisticated, tiled garden stones for a more formal garden.

Items you will need

  • Mold for steppingtones
  • Old newspapers or drop cloth
  • Bag of mortar
  • Bucket
  • Wooden paint stirrer
Step 1

Plan your project. Before starting, take the mold you will be using to make your garden stone and figure out how many stones you need to create the pathway in your yard.

Step 2

Prepare your work area. Lay down newspaper or a paint drop cloth so that any spilled mortar does not ruin the surface on which you are working.

Step 3

Mix the mortar. Follow the instructions on the package to make the mortar in the bucket, using the wooden stirrer to mix it. The consistency should be fairly thick, but free of lumps.

Step 4

Carefully pour the mixed mortar into the mold. Once all the mortar is in the mold, jiggle the mold from side to side to release any trapped air bubbles. Be careful not to spill the mortar out of the mold.

Step 5

Allow the mortar to set for 10 minutes, and then decorate the garden stone. You can embed pebbles, shells or other small objects in the stone.

Step 6

Let the stone harden for 24 hours. Remove the garden stone from the mold when the mortar is completely dry and hardened.

Tips & Warnings

  • While you can purchase mold designed for garden stones, you can also use other household objects, such as cake pans or buckets.
  • Rub some shortening on the molds to make it easier to remove the stones once they have dried.

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