How to Make My Freshwater Fish Grow Fast

by Jennifer Leigh
Feed your fish special foods to help it grow faster.

Feed your fish special foods to help it grow faster.

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Freshwater fish provide hours of entertainment and an addition to your home decor. The fish are relatively easy pets to keep. If you are interested in making your fish grow faster, try several different methods. Common freshwater fish include goldfish, angel fish and cichlids. You can administer several necessary ingredients may help your fish grow larger. However, the use of these ingredients is no guarantee; the fish will grow only as large as is normal for their species.

Items you will need

  • Aquarium
  • Fish food with growth hormones
  • Other food types
  • Water-test kit
  • Fresh water
Step 1

Place your freshwater fish in the largest aquarium possible, based upon your budget and space. This size provides more space for the fish to grow and helps keep the water healthier over time.

Step 2

Test your aquarium weekly with an aquarium test kit. This practice will help determine that your tank is at the correct pH and nitrate levels depending on the type of fish that you own. When purchasing fish, research the correct levels for your fish and your tank; make adjustments as needed.

Step 3

Clean the fish tank regularly to prevent buildup of unhealthy chemicals. Freshwater fish need to be in clean water to grow larger and to be more healthy. Change at least 25 percent of the water every week.

Step 4

Feed your fish food with added growth hormones, which can be purchased at pet supply stores. Repeat every few days, rotating other types of fish food in between. Do not overfeed the fish to help it grow; feed the fish a pinch of food daily.

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