How to Make Folded Invitations With Microsoft Word

by Marinho Silva
Microsoft Word can help you create professional looking invitations.

Microsoft Word can help you create professional looking invitations.

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Taking advantage of computer software when making your invitations may lend them a more professional look. More importantly, if you require a large amount of invitations, creating them with the computer will save you valuable time. Microsoft Word is a common word processing application, but it also specializes in crafting cards, posters and invitations. In fact, Microsoft Word has several templates made specifically for invitations.

Step 1

Open the template gallery. The template gallery can be accessed through the "File" menu in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 2

Select an invitation template that matches your vision for the invitation. Microsoft Word comes loaded with several templates, so choose a template that is appropriate for your event.

Step 3

Edit the template to include your desired information. The template will contain several editable fields for you to include your text and pictures.

Step 4

Print your invitations.

Step 5

Fold your invitations. All of Microsoft Word's templates are formatted to work with a normal sheet of paper. The type of fold needed depends on the template you choose.

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