How to Make Fishing Fun

by Cathryn Whitehead
Fishing is especially fun when they're biting.

Fishing is especially fun when they're biting.

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People who are hooked on fishing have a hard time understanding those who are not, and vice versa. If you want to share your favorite pastime with others, you need to find ways to make fishing fun for them. Although just getting out onto the water may be enjoyable for some, others find it boring. Introducing someone to fishing should include a strategy involving a lot of action that makes the angler believe they are responsible for the catch.

Items you will need

  • Rod and reel
  • bait
  • net
  • bucket or stringer
  • bathing suits
  • life jackets
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellant
  • first-aid kit
Step 1

Choose a fishing spot known to contain lots of fish and go at a time they usually bite. Be prepared to rig lines, bait hooks, untangle knots, undo snags, net fish and remove fish from the hooks of inexperienced anglers. Keep a distance from other anglers to avoid overcrowding that can result in tangled or lost equipment. After anglers begin to enjoy fishing, slowly introduce them to the tasks involved in fishing.

Step 2

Allow new anglers to enjoy other water activities if they lose interest in fishing. Take a dip in the water, for example. If you're in a boat, take everyone for a fast-moving ride around the lake or pull passengers in a tube. Catch frogs, walk or run along the shore, skip stones, make a sand castle and collect rocks or shells.

Step 3

Provide plenty of food, snacks, water and other drinks. Beverages are necessary to keep everyone hydrated, especially on warm, sunny days. If the fish are biting, anglers may not have time to think about eating, but it's nice to have sandwiches, fruit or other snacks in case someone gets hungry.

Step 4

Rent a charter with a captain who is almost sure to guarantee a fun fishing experience or hire an experienced local guide. If charter boats are too expensive, consider visiting a fish farm, boat show or fishing show that charges a small amount for a short time fishing in pools or ponds.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take a small first-aid kit containing antibiotic wipes, cream and bandages in case someone encounters a hook.
  • Make sure everyone applies sunscreen to avoid burning and insect repellant to keep bugs away.
  • Use personal flotation devices. They're required on boats and are offer protection around any body of water.
  • Make sure you're obeying the fishing laws and regulations. Being fined or losing equipment and rights do not make fishing fun for anyone.

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