How Do I Make Finding Nemo Invitations?

by Helen Harvey
Clownfish are easy to draw for your colorful Nemo invitations.

Clownfish are easy to draw for your colorful Nemo invitations.

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Kids and adults across the world have fallen for the lovable clownfish Nemo, as well as Dory, Marlin, Bloat, Bruce, Crush and Gill, the animated stars of Disney Pixar's 2003 blockbuster film "Finding Nemo." What better way to start your Nemo-themed party preparations than getting kids involved in making some cute and colorful invitations out of card stock? The simplicity of the film's characters makes them easy to replicate for invitations.

Items you will need

  • Card stock in character colors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Wide-tip markers
  • 5-by-7-inch envelopes
Step 1

Review Pixar's website at The site has clear illustrations of the characters that you can use as inspiration for the invitations. Print out images of the characters that you are interested in using for your invitations.

Step 2

Select the character you want to replicate and choose a piece of card stock in the character's main color. For example, if you are going to create Nemo, choose orange card stock.

Step 3

Cut your card stock into 5-by-7-inch pieces. This will ensure that your character invitations are no larger than your envelopes. It will also ensure that the kids making the invites do not have to use scissors, if they are not old enough to handle them safely.

Step 4

Draw your character's outline on the card stock and cut it out. You will decorate the front of the character, and the back will be used for writing the party details for the invitation.

Step 5

Cut out your character's features, such as eyes, fins, stripes or other markings, from other colors of the card stock.

Step 6

Glue the defining features in place using the glue stick.

Step 7

Define outlines and draw in other features with wide-tip markers, referring to the images you printed from Pixar's website to get the details correct.

Step 8

Write the specific party details on the back, including date, time, location and RSVP. Use a cute catchphrase from the movie to start the invitation, such as "Just keep swimming ... to Tom's birthday party."

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