How to Make an Easter Lily From Plastic Canvas

by Nicole Fotheringham
Make handprint Easter lilies as a gift that lasts longer than the chocolate eggs.

Make handprint Easter lilies as a gift that lasts longer than the chocolate eggs.

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Make festive Easter lilies from your children's handprints to give to friends and family members. Using plastic canvas will create a gift that lasts longer. Keep some of the lilies for when your children are older, so that they can see how small their hands once were. Using plastic canvas enables you to embellish the lilies with embroidered messages or patterns. You can obtain plastic canvas from craft and haberdashery stores. This craft can be completed in an hour.

Items you will need

  • Plastic canvas (one A4-sized sheet for every two lilies)
  • Crayons (any color)
  • Scissors
  • Office tape
  • Pipe cleaners (one yellow and one green for each lily)
Step 1

Have your young crafters each put one hand on the edge of the plastic canvas, fingers splayed, and ask them to trace around their hand and fingers with the crayon.

Step 2

Cut out the hand shapes. Curl the bottom hand part into a cone with the fingers open as petals at the wide end. Secure with tape. Leave a small hole in the tip of the cone. Repeat for each hand shape.

Step 3

Bend the yellow pipe cleaner in half, so that it forms a "V" shape. Wrap the green pipe cleaner around the bottom of the "V" shape. Repeat for each.

Step 4

Push the green pipe cleaner through the small hole at the tip of the lily cone. Push it all the way through, so that only the yellow pipe cleaner remains inside the lily as the stamens. The green pipe cleaner will form the stem. Tape the bottom of the plastic canvas lily to the green pipe cleaner. Repeat for each.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a large darning needle and yarn to edge the top of the lily petals. You can embroider messages or patterns to decorate your lily if you wish.
  • If you make several lilies, gather them together and secure with a festive ribbon.
  • Give the lilies as gifts along with Easter eggs, so that friends and family members have a more lasting memory of Easter.
  • Always supervise young crafters when they are using the scissors as accidents can happen.

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