How to Make a Dyed Cheerleader Costume

by Kyra Sheahan
Make a cheerleading costume in your favorite colors.

Make a cheerleading costume in your favorite colors.

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Dyeing clothes or costumes is an effective way to customize your garments to look exactly like you want them to. If you have the need to wear a cheerleader costume, whether it be for Halloween, a theatrical performance or a costume party, you can personalize it by dyeing the fabric to a color of your liking. Start with a plain white, short skirt and tank top so that you can achieve the correct color. Attempting to dye fabric that is already dark can result in uneven or unblended dyes.

Items you will need

  • White pleated skirt
  • White tank top
  • Fabric detergent
  • Fabric dye
  • Washing machine
  • Large pot
  • Long stirring spoon
Step 1

Wash the cheerleading costume with fabric detergent. Run the skirt and tank top through your automated washing machine to remove any stains or dirt before dyeing the fabric. Dry the garments thoroughly.

Step 2

Prepare your fabric dye. Decide whether you want to dye the cheerleading costume in the washing machine -- by running a wash cycle with the dye in the water -- or boiling the dye in a large pot on the stove and dyeing the garments by hand.

Step 3

Put your cheerleading costume back into the washing machine. Add the dye, being sure to use the exact measurements as indicated on the package instructions. Too much dye will create a darker color than what you might want, and too little dye will turn out faint. Run the wash cycle so that the dye mixes with the water and stains the plain white garments.

Step 4

Boil the dye in a large pot on the stove, if you wish to make the dyed costume by hand. You have a little more control over the color when you dye garments by hand. Add water to the pot with the dye, boil and then allow it to cool. Submerge your cheerleader costume into the large pot and stir it around with a long stirring spoon.

Step 5

Set the dyed cheerleader costume out to dry, whether you dye it by hand or in the washing machine. Check the directions of the fabric dye to find out the best drying method. For instance, the low heat setting on your electric dryer might be recommended so that the dye doesn't fade. Or, the directions might recommend that you air dry the garment for best results.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make your own dyed cheerleader costume, you do not have to have matching tops and bottoms. For instance, you might want a white tank top with a green skirt, so all you would do is dye the skirt. Or, you can dye the cheerleader costume two different colors, such as a green skirt with a navy blue tank top.

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