How to Make a Dragon Deck

by Don Kress
Dragons are among the most powerful YuGiOh monsters.

Dragons are among the most powerful YuGiOh monsters.

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In the game of YuGiOh, taking every advantage possible can reduce your opponent's points to nothing. Building a powerful deck that includes a range of monster cards that prominently feature dragon monsters helps your game. Combining these monster cards with a variety of spell cards and trap cards will allow you to hit your opponent strategically.

Items you will need

  • Armed dragon cards, levels 3,5,7 and 10
  • 4 Black flame dragon Horus cards, levels 6 and 8
  • 3 Royal decree cards
  • Lord of D card
  • King dragon card
  • 3 Draining shield cards
  • 3 Exploder dragon cards
  • 3 Rainbow life cards
  • 3 Wingbeat of giant dragon cards
  • Double summon card
  • Summoner's art card
  • 2 Spirit Ryu cards
Step 1

Add the dragon cards to your deck, including the Horus cards, armed dragon cards, the Spirit Ryu monster and three exploding dragon monsters. These are the cards that will inflict damage on your opponent and serve as the strength of your dragon deck.

Step 2

Insert the trap card Royal decree into your deck to render useless any of your opponent's trap cards. The main benefit behind this card is that you can prevent your opponent from making any moves other than attacking. In addition to this card, add the draining shield trap card that will not only prevent an attack, but will also refill your life points when you are attacked.

Step 3

Add the King dragon card to your deck to stop your opponent from attacking your dragon monster cards.

Step 4

Insert the rainbow life cards into your deck to turn the tables on attacks made by your opponent, refilling your life points instead of draining them by using one of the cards. Add the spell cards wingbeat of the giant dragon, summoner's art and double summon to further enhance your ability to manipulate the table in your favor and destroy your opponent's defenses.


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