How to Make a Dark Monarch Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!

by Colby Stream

Dark monsters are good, if you're playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. This card game, which is similar to those called "Magic" and "Pokemon," faces players off against one another. The player with the strongest deck beats his opponent's monsters and wins. One deck that usually works well is called a dark monarch deck. By assembling cards around a dark monarch card you can create a deck that sends your opponent's monsters directly to the field, allowing you to attack your opponent directly.

Items you will need

  • Caius the Shadow Monarch card
  • Phantom Darkness booster sets
Step 1

Obtain the "Caius the Shadow Monarch" card by buying the Dark Emperor structure deck. This structure deck comes with a total of 40 cards and a special playing mat. The deck contains 39 common cards and one ultra rare.

Step 2

Purchase one or more "Phantom Darkness" booster sets. These boosters contain a number of dark monsters that will fit in with the structure deck.

Step 3

Change out cards from the structured deck for some of the cards in your booster packs. Exchange similar cards to keep the structure of the deck consistent. For example, change monsters for monsters and spell cards for spell cards.

Step 4

Play against an opponent. Notice which cards serve you well and which ones don't. Take out any cards you don't need and replace them with more cards from your booster packs.

Tips & Warnings

  • You should have 40 cards in your deck at all time, unless the rules of the game you're playing state otherwise.