How to Make a Crystal Beast Deck

by Colby Stream

Much like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a card game in which opponents pit their monsters against each other until one wins over the other. Although Pokemon are classified into types consistent with natural elements -- water and fire, for example -- Yu-Gi-Oh! monster cards are categorized by less natural qualities. One set, the Crystal Beasts, allow you to attack your opponent indirectly through special effects these monsters use while they're in the Trap/Spell section of the board.

Step 1

Obtain all nine of the Crystal Beasts. Find them in booster packs such as "Force of the Breaker" and "Dualist Pack 7: Jesse Anderson." Double up on the Crystal Beasts that you like the most.

Step 2

Stack your deck with the "Crystal Abundance" spell card. This card allows you to send Crystal Beasts from the Trap/Spell section, where they go after dying on the field, to the graveyard. The spell card then lets you move all the Crystal monsters from your graveyard to the field.

Step 3

Support your Crystal Beasts with Archetype monsters. These monsters possess at least one defining attribute, which takes effect when they are summoned, attacked or leave the field. They are orange. Obtain about 10 of these.

Step 4

Stack your deck specifically with Spell cards that relate to the Crystal Beasts. For example, "Crystal Beacon" allows you to special-summon a Crystal Beast from your deck if you have two or more in the Spell/Trap area. Identify these spell cards by the word "Crystal," which appears in most of the card's titles.

Step 5

Use trap cards that allow you to clear other monsters from the field or that protect cards in your Spell/Trap section. This allows you either to attack your opponent directly after clearing the field or protect your Crystal Beast cards in the Spell/Trap section.

Tips & Warnings

  • Structure your deck to equal 40 cards. Use multiples of the beast, trap and spell cards that you find most useful.