How to Make a Crocheted Bath Puff

by Amber Hemmer

Crocheting a bath puff for personal use will provide a luxurious experience while you shower. Using soft, thick yarn, your crocheted bath puff will be full and thick. Add in your favorite bath soap for a full, smooth lather. Make a bath puff for every member of your family using their favorite colors or include them in a gift basket for a friend.

Items you will need

  • Yarn
  • Size "K" crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Large needle
Step 1

Tie a slip knot on the end of the yarn strand. Insert your crochet hook through the loop. Grab the strand of yarn behind the loop with the end of your hook. Pull the strand through the loop. Release the slip knot as you pull through, creating a new loop on your hook.

Step 2

Chain three to begin the first round. Insert your crochet hook into the third chain from your hook. Create 30 double crochets in the third chain. This creates a rippled yarn look, making the full part of the bath puff.

Step 3

Push a short piece of scrap yarn into the last double crochet on the chain. This will work as a marker so you can keep track of where the first round ends.

Step 4

Start in the first double crochet created in the first round. Work through all 30 double crochets, making six double crochets in each. This adds to the rippled fullness of the bath puff. The second round will end with 180 double crochets.

Step 5

Begin the third round by making six double crochets in the first double crochet. Complete the third round by making six double crochets in each double crochet from the second round. The third round will end with 1,080 double crochets.

Step 6

Tie off the end of the yarn, leaving a 2-inch tail. Weave the tail into the stitches of the bath puff to hide.

Step 7

Crochet a chain that is 30 chains long. Slip stitch in the last chain to join with the beginning, creating a loop. Tie off and cut the end of the yarn. This is the strap for the bath puff.

Step 8

Thread about 10 inches of yarn through a large needle. Use the needle and yarn to sew the strap to the middle of the bath puff. Secure it in place by creating several stitches directly into the center of the puff. Tie off the yarn and cut.