How to Make a Coin Shell

by Jeffery Keilholtz
Use shells with different looks and shapes.

Use shells with different looks and shapes. Images

Making a coin shell is a creative way to express your passion for the beach. Build your reservoir of loose change collected from your pockets, couch cushions and coin purses. Try your luck with small shells at first and, as your craft skills increase, use larger conch shells. The trick to making a coin version of a shell is to use an actual shell as a building template. Once your shell is complete, display it on a bedside table or living room mantel to remind you of your love for the sea.

Items you will need

  • Shell
  • Coins
  • Permanent epoxy
Step 1

Place a real seashell onto a flat work surface. Surround the bottom of the shell with your largest coins -- quarters or half dollars, for example. Push each coin together so all edges are touching the shell and are flush with one another.

Step 2

Layer the bottom of another quarter or half dollar with permanent epoxy. Position the tacky side of the coin above two base coins. Center the tacky side of the coin above the flush edges of the base coins. Press the tacky side of the coin down onto the two base coins. Hold the press for 30 seconds to secure the bond. Continue around the perimeter of the shell and repeat this step until your largest coins are all used. Building around an actual shell will provide you with the shape and dimensions you need to complete your craft.

Step 3

Layer the bottom of a smaller coin -- a nickel, for example -- and continue building in an identical manner to step 2. Continue building upwards using pennies and dimes -- the smallest coins -- until the entire shell is covered in a stack coins. Carefully raise the coin shell off of the actual shell and display it wherever you like.

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