How to Make a Club House Out of Chairs

by Christi Aldridge
Use chairs to make a secret club house fort.

Use chairs to make a secret club house fort.

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If you have kids stuck inside during a bad-weather day, or if everyone's restless and you're not sure what to do, build a club house fort using chairs and blankets. It's simple, and will keep kids occupied for awhile. A secret club house where moms can't gain access, some books, flashlights and maybe even a movie, offer good options for a boring afternoon.

Items you will need

  • 4 chairs
  • Large bedsheet
  • Chip clips or clothespins
  • Books
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
Step 1

Build the club house structure by using four dining room chairs or other sturdy chairs. The chair structure should not be bigger or wider than the sheet you have available. Place the chairs in a square, with each chair facing outward.

Step 2

Lay a large sheet over the tops of the chairs. This will make the club house roof. You may need more than one sheet if your sheets are too small. Clip the sheets together with plastic chip clips or clothespins if necessary.

Step 3

Stack a few books over the sheet's edges and set them in the chairs. This is a good way to anchor the club house's roof so the sheets don't slide off of the chairs. The books will anchor the sheets down to secure them.

Step 4

Fill the club house with pillows, blankets, couch cushions and anything else that will make it more comfortable. Line the floor with a soft blanket and provide blankets kids can use to cover up with along with lots of cushions to sit on and lie against.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hand out flashlights to club house occupants for extra fun.

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