How to Make a Bubble Centerpiece

by Rosalind Mohammed

A bubble centerpiece places the focus on a bubble bowl with decorative items placed in and around it. The bowl may be large and stand alone, or there may be a grouping of bowls in smaller sizes. These are very lovely centerpieces for weddings and other special events as they are not very tall and do not inhibit conversation over the table. The bubble bowl centerpiece offers many possibilities for an elegant and sophisticated focal point on guest tables.

Items you will need

  • 12-inch bubble bowl
  • 1-3 silk flowers
  • 1-3 floating candles
  • River rocks or glass stones
  • Votives in bubble holders
  • Silk flower petals
Step 1

Wash the bubble bowl thoroughly with mild soap and water and allow it to dry. Ensure there are no stains or smudges on the glass. Place the bowl on a flat surface and arrange the river rocks or glass stones in a visually appealing manner on the bottom of the bowl. Rotate the bowl and make sure the arrangement looks appealing from all angles.

Step 2

Fill the bowl 3/4 of the way full with clean water. Take one silk flower and gently bend the stem in a soft spiral so it will appear to wind down into the bubble bowl. Place the flower inside the bubble bowl and push it gently down so it becomes submerged. Arrange a few rocks on top of the stem if the flower floats back up.

Step 3

Place the remaining flowers in the bubble bowl in the same manner. Arrange the blooms so they alternate inside the bubble bowl so a bloom can be seen from any angle of viewing. Form a triangle with the blooms as viewed from the top.

Step 4

Place a floating candle in the water over top of the flowers. Add more candles if necessary. Light the candles right before the event is about to begin. Arrange at least three votive candles around the base of the bubble bowl and light these as well when the time comes. Loosely scatter flower petals around the base and votives.

Tips & Warnings

  • Alternatively, a large pillar candle can be placed inside the bubble bowl and the silk stems can be bent gently to fit around it if water is not desired.
  • Ensure the floating candles and votives are kept out of the reach of children as they can be easily knocked over to form a fire hazard.

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