How to Make a Bridge Out of Mega Bloks

by Lindsay Howell

Mega Bloks are building blocks created by Mega Brands. With Mega Bloks, people of all ages can build robots, cars and buildings. Bridges are another commonly designed piece made from Mega Bloks. A bridge is a unique feature to add to a city made with Mega Bloks. It takes about 10 minutes to design your own Mega Blok bridge.

Items you will need

  • Mega Bloks
Step 1

Place a large Mega Blok on the ground; Mega Bloks come in varying sizes, so use the longest one possible to form the base of the bridge structure.

Step 2

Snap a second Mega Blok on top of the previous Mega Blok so that only half the Mega Blok is connected. The resulting structure should look like a step.

Step 3

Snap a long Mega Blok on top of the second Mega Blok with half the block connected. You will now have a structure that resembles a small set of stairs.

Step 4

Snap a Mega Blok on the other end of the long Mega Blok so that only half of it is connected. Connect the Mega Block to the underside of the long Mega Blok.

Step 5

Secure a Mega Blok underneath the Mega Blok structure to complete the bridge.

About the Author

Lindsay Howell has been writing since 2003. Her works have been featured in "Bittersweet," her campus literary magazine. Howell has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Frostburg State University.