How to Make Bows at a Dance Recital

by Lucy Dale
A curtsy or bow will perfectly finish a dance performance.

A curtsy or bow will perfectly finish a dance performance.

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Most dance recitals take months of preparation as young dancers learn the steps and routines. However, one commonly overlooked component of the dance recital is the bow that comes at the end. "Taking a bow" can refer to both curtsying and bowing. Because most dance students are girls, they will usually curtsy for their curtain call, rather than actually bow.

Step 1

Determine whether you will curtsy or bow.

Step 2

Prepare yourself by standing upright for a moment as the audience applauds if you are taking a bow. Step back on one foot and, keeping your back straight, bend forward from the waist, with your eyes looking down. Keep your hands at your sides or you may choose to curve your right arm in front of your waist as you bow.

Step 3

Step forward on one foot if you are taking a curtsy. Keep your upper body straight and your head lifted. Bend both knees in a slight dip and tilt your head down slightly as you curtsy. If you are wearing a long dance skirt, you may choose to have your hands holding either side of the garment away from your body as you bend your knees. Otherwise, keep your hands at your sides.

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