How to Make a Blackjack Felt Layout

by Sarah Clark
Make your own blackjack layout to play at home.

Make your own blackjack layout to play at home.

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Blackjack is a game in which players take playing cards to try to reach but not exceed a score of 21. The game requires a special mat or layout when it is played as a casino-style game. The mat features spaces for each player to keep their cards and make bets. Craft a simple layout for hosting blackjack tournaments at home that accommodates up to seven players and one dealer by painting white spaces onto green felt.

Items you will need

  • 3-by-6-foot piece of green felt
  • White fabric paint in a squeezable tube
  • 7 playing cards
Step 1

Lay out the piece of felt so that the 6-foot sides are horizontal and the 3-foot sides are vertical.

Step 2

Draw a wide arc using the fabric paint onto the piece of felt. The top of arc should be just above the middle of the felt. Make the ends of the arc about 1 foot in from each 3-foot side.

Step 3

Lay the seven playing cards out on the felt so that each sits just above the outside of the arc. The fourth card should be in the exact middle of the arc, with three cards slightly fanned out on each side. Evenly space the cards so that the first and seventh cards are positioned at each end of the arc.

Step 4

Trace each card with the fabric paint. Gently remove the cards and allow the paint to dry.

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