How to Make a Bike Out of Clay

by Nora Zavalczki
Prepare the sketch of the bicycle you want to make.

Prepare the sketch of the bicycle you want to make. Images

Make a miniature bike using polymer clay, air-dry clay or organic clay. The most practical choice is to make your bicycle using polymer clay. Polymer clay doesn't require painting, as it is already colored and it can be fired in a regular oven.

Items you will need

  • Wooden table
  • Polymer clay
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Paintbrush
  • Needle tool
Step 1

Sketch the bike and make separate sketches for the frame and the wheels of the bicycle.

Step 2

Roll a thick clay rope, which will be the tubes for the frame of the bike. Bend the clay rope so that you obtain the shape you sketched for the bike frame. Join the ends of the clay rope with your fingers. Typically, polymer clay sticks easily to other pieces of polymer clay. However, if the clay doesn't stick, dip a paintbrush in liquid polymer clay and spread this on the surfaces that need to be attached.

Step 3

Make a handlebar and a fork using clay ropes. Join these with the frame of the bike.

Step 4

Make a small clay slab using a rolling pin. Cut out two bicycle pedals with a needle tool. Shape two crank arms for the pedals. Add the pedals to the crank arms and the frame of the bike.

Step 5

Create a clay ball and flatten it. Elongate one side of the ball; this will be the seat for the bicycle. Attach it to the seat post of the frame.

Step 6

Make a thicker clay rope and unite the ends of the rope to form a wheel for the bicycle. Slightly flatten the wheel so that the clay bike can stand on surfaces without having to be placed against other objects. Create the second wheel in the same manner.

Step 7

Roll a thinner rope of polymer clay and cut several smaller pieces, which will be the spokes of the bike. Make a small cylinder of clay, which is the bike's hub. Using a piece of clay rope, tie one end of the rope around the cylinder and the join the other end with the rim of the bike wheel. Install several clay bike spokes on each wheel.

Step 8

Join the frame with the wheels. Make a thin clay rope and put it as the chain for the bike.

Step 9

Place the bike on a metal tray. Fire the polymer clay bike in a regular oven. Check the label of the clay you use for firing instructions and the recommended temperature. Polymer clay is fired at temperatures bellow 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips & Warnings

  • Roll the polymer clay through a pasta machine to make it malleable and easy to work with. Alternatively, condition the clay with your hands, squeezing it between your fingers until it is softer.
  • If the polymer clay warms up, it may stick to your fingers, working tools and the table. Use cornstarch to prevent the clay from sticking to surfaces.

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