How to Make Bead Edging

by Lane Cummings
Beads can instantly transform your most humdrum looking item.

Beads can instantly transform your most humdrum looking item. Images

Bead edging refers to the border of beads found on items such as place mats, pillowcases, rugs and throw pillows. The beads attach to the fabric with tight stitches and give you a wide range of decorative freedom. Transform a piece of fabric and create an eye-catching trim with sewn-on beads.

Items you will need

  • Beads
  • Fabric item: rug, place mat, jacket, throw pillow
  • Nylon thread
  • Needle
Step 1

Select your beads for the edging of a given project. For example, for a subtle effect, stick with smaller beads like seed beads. For a bold effect, select bright, flashy beads. For edging on a place mat or a throw rug, use flat beads or smaller beads so that your edging doesn't disrupt the inherent flow of the design.

Step 2

Select a needle with a smaller diameter than the center of your chosen beads. Thread the needle with strong nylon thread that matches the color of the item you're adding edging to.

Step 3

Insert the needle under the left or right edge of the item you're adding beads to. As you pull the needle up, insert a bead onto the tip of the needle and push the bead down to the bottom of the thread.

Step 4

Push the tip of the needle to the space on the fabric item just beside where the bead now rests, creating one stitch. Repeat this entire process, adding a bead to each stitch your create along the edge of an item.


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