How to Make Balloon Roses

by Richard Kyori
Balloon flowers are often found in the hands of a clown.

Balloon flowers are often found in the hands of a clown.

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The term "balloon animal" is seen as a bit too restrictive by flower lovers. If you want a beautiful bouquet of balloon roses, look no further than the age-old art of balloon twisting. Commonly seen at fairs and carnivals, often times performed for children by clowns, balloon twisting allows you to take long, skinny balloons and twist them into nearly any shape you can imagine -- even a rose.

Items you will need

  • Long red balloon
  • Long green balloon
Step 1

Inflate the red balloon until the balloon is almost fully inflated, leaving a couple of inches at the end. Tie a knot on the open end of the balloon.

Step 2

Fold the end of the balloon that you have knotted in on itself and twist the tied lip into the balloon. The fold should be long enough that you can fit roughly four or five more folds of a similar size onto your balloon.

Step 3

Continue folding and tying the balloon in on itself to create a circular shape that resembles the petals on a flower, knotting the final fold back into the original fold.

Step 4

Blow up the green balloon, leaving a few inches at the end, and fold two petal shapes along the balloon to create the stem.

Step 5

Twist the very top of the balloon into a small ball on the top of the stem, then push the ball through the center of the red balloon and twist a few times to make it stay in place.

Step 6

Turn over your petals so that they are all facing the same way to make the balloon better resemble a real red rose.

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