How to Make a Balloon Parrot

by Alexis Rohlin

Balloon animals are made by twisting the balloon into sections called bubbles, then twisting the bubbles together into shapes. Animal balloons provide a fun way to liven up a children's birthday party and are often given out at festivals by clowns or balloon sellers. Make a balloon parrot with a long cylinder-shaped animal balloon using balloon twisting or modelling techniques. Your child will laugh in delight when she sees the awesome balloon parrot twisted together right before her eyes.

Items you will need

  • Long animal balloon
  • Black felt-tipped pen
Step 1

Inflate the long balloon and tie off the nozzle end.

Step 2

Make the first twist 2 inches down from the nozzle end. Hold onto the balloon, placing your hand to either side of the 3-inch point and twist the balloon clockwise to make a "bubble" or section. Twist the second bubble 3 inches down from the first twist point. Fold the 2-inch bubble down over the 3-inch bubble and twist them together clockwise on their twist points to create the parrot's head and beak.

Step 3

Create a bubble 6 inches away from the twist point of the parrot's head. Twist a second bubble 6 inches away from the previous twist point. Twist the third bubble 6 inches away from the second bubble's twist point. You should now have three, 6-inch bubbles in your balloon.

Step 4

Lock-twist the first two 6-inch bubbles together by folding the bubbles up so their opposite twisted ends are near each other. The two bubbles should be parallel and touching. Hold the touching bubbles in one hand and twist them together on their twist points.

Step 5

Insert the third 6-inch bubble through the two parallel 6-inch bubbles, then roll the two bubbles around the outside of the third bubble to join the three bubbles together and form the long body of the parrot.

Step 6

Twist a small bubble 1 1/2 inches down from the body twist point. Twist another small bubble 1 1/2 inches down from the first small bubble. Fold the small bubbles together and twist them together clockwise at their twist points to make the parrot's feet. The long section at the end is the parrot's tail.

Step 7

Draw details on the balloon parrot such as eyes, a beak, and toes on the feet with a black felt-tipped pen.