How to Make a Balloon Flamingo

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Use balloons to replicate a colorful flamingo.

Use balloons to replicate a colorful flamingo.

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Whether you are creating an entire backyard of balloon animals or just one, a flamingo works well as a starting point. A flamingo's long neck and vibrant color makes it interesting to view for children and adults alike. Visit a party store to purchase the necessary supplies and, with some practice, unleash the creative balloon twister inside yourself.


Gather one "260" pink or salmon-colored balloon and two "260" orange balloons. A "260" balloon is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long. Have a black, permanent marker on hand to draw the flamingo's eyes.

Starting the Body

Blow up a pink balloon and leave five inches at the tail. Tie off the balloon by pinching the neck, stretching it out and wrapping it around the back of your fingers. When it meets the front, put the balloon tie through the hole and pull taught.


Blow up an orange balloon halfway and tie it off. Near the tie, bend the balloon downward about five inches. Pinch the bubble so the air deflates backward and slowly let the air back in to make the balloon bend. Twist the balloon behind the bend to create a bubble. Move about an inch down the balloon and repeat; these are called pinch twists. Fold the balloon over at the crease and twist the bubble. Go about an inch down the balloon and create another pinch twist. You will now have two small bubbles, a longer bubble and the rest of the balloon.


Wrap the tie of the blown-up pink balloon through and around the two small bubbles on the orange balloon. Pinch off the rest of the orange balloon in your hands by twisting twice, pinching and pulling the balloon off. Straighten the balloon so the curved nose is in the middle of the two smaller bubbles. The remainder of the pink balloon will stick out directly behind. Bend the pink balloon (the head) about four inches over and squeeze the air out with your fingers so that the balloon becomes loose. Slowly allow the air to come back into the balloon. This will give the balloon a bend. Repeat in the same place to make a more pronounced bend. Straighten the balloon up so that it begins to look like a flamingo head.


Make a bend about six inches down on the pink balloon. At the bend, pinch the balloon, squeeze out the air and feel the balloon become loose. Slowly allow the air to come back into the balloon to make the curve. About two inches down, make a pinch twist by twisting, creating a small bubble and twisting again. Fold the balloon over so the bubble sticks out. Pull the bubble out and twist it; this is a "teddy bear" ear twist.


Keep working on the rest of the pink balloon for the body. About six inches down, make a twist, followed by a pinch twist. Fold the balloon so the small bubble is in the middle and twist again. Fold the pink balloon again to the same length as the previous fold and twist. You now have gone all the way around to start creating the body. Fold the balloon the same length again on top of the other two, give it a little bit of a hump and twist to secure it so the flamingo looks like it is arching over.


Take the rest of the pink balloon and fold it in half. Pull the tail end of the balloon and wrap it around the nearest twist. Tuck whatever is left over inside the bubbles.

Front Foot

Inflate another orange balloon, leaving only three inches at the tail, and tie it off. Create a flower pedal twist by folding the balloon about three inches over, twisting and making a second twist. Now you have a 3-inch bubble with a twist on either side. Fold the bubble in half so the twists line up, and twist the two together. Move down the balloon about eight inches and squeeze to make it soft before making a twist. Take the orange balloon at the twist and twist it into the pink balloon at the tail.

Legs and Back Foot

Working on the longer side of the orange balloon, move about eight inches down and twist. Create another twist about six inches down, pulling it down to create a the "number four" leg that flamingos often have, and then twist. Arrange the body over the legs so a leg is on each side. Finish by creating the back foot. Fold the balloon about six inches up and create another pinch twist flower petal. Draw the eyes and eyebrows with a black marker onto the pink head.

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