How to Make a Balloon Cow

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Balloon cows are made by simply twisting and tucking.

Balloon cows are made by simply twisting and tucking.

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Entertain children at a birthday party -- or any time -- by making balloon animals. You can create a balloon cow quickly and swiftly after practicing the necessary twists and folds. With the correct size and the proper colored balloons, you can make a cow in less than five minutes.


The balloons you need to make a cow are all called "260" balloons. This means each balloon is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches in length. Select two white balloons and one black balloon for the body. You also need a small, pink, heart-sized balloon for the cow's face. Use a permanent black marker to draw the cow's eyes and spots, and you also need scissors to cut the balloon tails.

Creating the Head

Begin with a blown-up white balloon with 4 inches left of the tail. Fold down the top about 6 inches and twist. Fold down again to the same length and twist. Twist both bubbles together and then push the nozzle through the center to hold the bubbles in place. Take those two balloons in your hands, fold downward and twist. Push this bubble through the other two. Again, fold the balloon down and twist. Find the nozzle, wrap it around and tuck it through the four bubbles.

Making the Cheeks

On the same balloon, fold the balloon up about 3 inches and twist. Moving a little down the balloon, repeat this step. These two smaller bubbles are the cheeks. Halfway down the rest of the balloon, pinch the balloon and break it making sure to close the hole. Wrap this piece between the two cheeks to hold it in place. There is no need to tie it off if you tuck and wrap it tightly. At this point, there are four bubbles and two little cheeks.

Designing the Legs

Take another white balloon with about 5 inches left at the bottom. Wrap the balloon's nozzle around the cow's head at the cheeks. Come down about 6 inches, make a 5-inch bubble and twist. Make a 2-inch bubble and twist. Do this again so you have two 2-inch bubbles. Twist both little bubbles together to secure them, and then repeat. You will end up with four small bubbles, which are the hooves.

Working the Back and Tail

Bring the remainder of the balloon about 6 inches up and twist. Repeat. There will be two bubbles. Twist the second bubble into the cow's hooves. Take the rest of the balloon and fold it to the same size as the other. Twist. Lock the two bubbles underneath by twisting them twice. Twist about four inches down the rest of the balloon. Cut the very bottom and let air escape so that there is about 2 inches left for a short tail. Tie the balloon in a knot and and cut off the remainder at the end.

Adding the Ears

Blow up the black balloon, leaving about a 10-inch tail. Fold the top of the balloon over about one palm length and twist. Wrap the balloon nozzle around the ear and twist again. Holding the cow's body, find the cow's head with the two balloons in the front and two in the back. Place the black balloon horizontally through the middle of the cow's head. Pull through to the ear and twist the balloon at the end of the head. Fold another bubble over to create the other ear and twist in place. Pinch off 2 inches down. Wrap the remainder of the balloon around the ear well.

Using the Pink Balloon

Create the face by blowing up the pink heart. Make sure it is not larger than the rest of the head. Tie it off. Place the heart in between the cow's cheeks and wrap the nozzle well around the right cheek. Adjust so the balloon is in the center.

Finishing Touches

Using a black, permanent marker, draw two circle eyes on the cow's face. Add a curved line above each eye for the brow. Draw two little half-moon lines on the nose and a few spots on the backside.

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