How to Make Balloon Animal Hummingbirds

by Brenda Priddy

A balloon hummingbird is an uncomplicated animal shape that requires only a basic mastery of balloon construction. The two kinds of twists used in the hummingbird balloon are the basic twist and the pinch twist. This balloon animal is known as the hummingbird because the leftover tail of the balloon becomes the bird's long beak.

Items you will need

  • 1 long balloon
  • Balloon inflator (optional)
Step 1

Hold the end of the balloon with your fingers to leave a 2-inch empty space and blow up the balloon. Tie the balloon closed with a knot.

Step 2

Move 2 inches down from the knotted side of the balloon and twist it five or six times to create a separate section. This is known as a basic twist. Make a second basic twist 2 inches from the limp part of the balloon.

Step 3

Move up 1 inch from the last section you created and make a basic twist. This will create a bubble shape. Grasp the bubble and twist it around the balloon five or six times. This is known as a pinch twist. This will cause the "bubble" to stick out from the main body of the balloon and will represent the head of the bird.

Step 4

Place the bubble over the basic twist on the knotted end of the balloon. Use a pinch twist to attach them together. This will cause a loop to form in the center of the balloon. Position the 2-inch sections so that they stick out on opposite sides of the balloon loop. Position the bubble or "head" so that it hangs below the two side pieces and the loop and above the limp part of the balloon, which represents its beak.

Step 5

Bring the center of the loop inward to touch the twisted sections. This will form two "wings." Twist the two sides of the loop around the other sections of the balloon using a pinch twist.

Step 6

Adjust the position of the "wings" above the body sections of the hummingbird.